Musical Issues

What kind of music do you propose?

Years and years of performing taught us how to build up the perfect playlist for you and your event: we propose all the main billboard hits of the last 70 years, from the 50s to nowadays best tunes, touching pop, rock n roll, dance, blues, soul and more, and never stop updating and upgrading our repertoire. In a few words, you just never stop dancing!

Got our own song. Could you play it?

For sure we can. It’s your Day, your event, the time of your life: we’re here to make you happy, that’s the goal. You have one song request not included in our set lists to be communicated no later than 60 days before the event. Just can’t guarantee more than one, guys: our schedule is crazy, with up to 120 events per year – this means 120 new songs to learn per year as well. And if you really, really have more than one and it’s like “no, i can’t give up that tune”, no worries: i’m sure we’ll find a way to play it over.

We don’t like a couple of songs in your list. Can we cut them?

You are super free to manage our playlists as you wish. You can pick up any song from each playlist and build your own wedding soundtrack. No restrictions. Although we suggest you to trust us when it comes to take care of parties and set lists in general: we know what we do 😉 But the world is in your hands, dear.

We would love to have a deejay for the party. Can you provide it?

Does it affect your performance?

Deejay set in one of our additional services, and we’re more than happy to bring it over – plus, he’s damn great in doing what he does. If we bring our own, we’re gonna have just one PA & lighting set for both band and DJ, and a lot more space for you dancing! Yet, it’s cool to share the stage with other performers. Up to you!

Your on-stage look?

Easy does it: we can dress up with classic suits, party clothes, jeans & t-shirts, whatever. We have our own stylist – we actually waste a lot of time on our outfit – and for that we’re never unprepared. Although, You decide the dress-code. We will provide a minimum of two clothes changing during the day, where more than one service is purchased.

Event Planning

Does the band deal directly with venues?

The band is always ready to speak with any venue regarding arrangements or tech stuff.

Gonna get married in Greece. Can you travel?

Of course. Traveling around is one of the best parts of being in a band, but most of expenses should be covered. For events where flying is necessary, the band have a tech ryder to follow up.

The day has come. What happens now?

Our tech team needs to be on site 3 hours before guests arrive (if possible) to set it all up and make sure the sound is perfect. But for sure it’ll all be planned with clients/venues.
No soundcheck needed, guys. Yep, we’re high-tech, super equipped and super prepared. Our IEM monitoring system and the last generation digital mixers and amps are already setup and calibrated for every kind of venue/ area: it’s already ready, we just need to change clothes and we’re on! A private space at the venue would be more than welcome, ideally with changing and shower facilities. The band will show back 60 minutes before the agreed starting time.

If we want you to play longer?

That’s a long story. Been on the road for years and learned no one wants to turn the party down, never ever. But that’s our iron rule: any additional entertainment outside of the agreed times will result in an additional charge for each hour of 20% on the total amount agreed, with a minimum payment of one additional hour. We really need to state this: we handled too many bad situations.

Prices? Travel Expenses? Any accomodation needed?

All prices proposed need VAT to be considered. Travel expenses and accommodation are always included – there ain’t no hiding fees!
Pro Lighting Set is also always included – see Build Your Party  section. If you want us for more than one day, then, we’ll be needing a triple room and something to eat (please). But it’s no big deal: we’re happy to discuss and plan everything with our clients.

Regarding food and drink?

Yes please. Britpops are young and full of energy: basic meal for three is required, along with cold refreshments.

There will be animals with us. Is it a problem?

Oh, we do love animals very much, don’t worry. Britpops are animal friendly.

Techs & Economics

Can you move your sets? Do you need a stage?

A stage always looks better, but not necessary. A minimum floor space of 4 metres wide by 3 metres deep approx would be great. We usually propose more than one set, so, of course we can move. We provide up to 5 separate sets (i.e. one for the ceremony, one for the aperitif and the other one for the party and so on) and we’re talking about superior Audio Sound Systems and Lighting full set ups! Only the best for our customers.

Need stage lights?

Britpops always provide up to 5 superior audio sound systems and 3 levels of world class lighting sets to choose from – see Build Your Party section – covering any kind of space/venue.
Two audio + lighting techs from our team will be there for you as well! But if you’d rather arrange this either on your own or with an external supplier, no problem for us. 

Power requirements. Anything we should know?

Our last generation set up is meant to reduce the power output and guarantee the best result ever. A minimum of three main’s power sources within 5 meters is no doubt needed (Britpops provide 10m max extension cables). But you know, it depends on where and what so, please, feel free to get in touch and find the best solution with us.

How many equipment setups can you provide?

We provide up to 5 top quality professional audio sound systems, each meant to be the greatest choice for any of your sets. If your event is placed on more than five different areas of the venue, our crew will take care of moving one or two sets from area “x” to area “y” and all your requests will be fulfilled. If you need five or more stationary sets, well, let us know asap and we’ll arrange to share a rent or something like that.

Who takes care of traveling fees or any other taxes?

VAT is something we gotta ask you to consider, and you know we don’t get any advantage from that, but the price proposed always includes traveling fees and accommodation (Valid for Italy). Prices increase by 40% for events held on isles & Exclusive Locations.

What’s an “Exclusive Location”?

“Exclusive locations” are Venues/Locations or Areas particularly difficult to manage, such as places very hard to reach, some 12th to 17th centuries buildings – cultural heritage sites, mountain/lake/seaside venues, lands where cars or vans are forbidden to circulate, very large villas, yachts, private planes or houses with extremely strict rules.
Due to these factors we must consider two work days for each date,  a bigger and more specialized crew and a lot more time to check the area, create/build the ideal set up and make sure everything’s gonna be perfect in general. 
But we can handle everything, you know!

Valid also for abroad services.

And what about SIAE?

The crew can’t take care of SIAE. It’s something between you and the venue. We don’t own any permission to deal with it as we are not the organizers nor the owners of the location. 

It all looks great, but we would like to learn more. Is it possible?

No worries, guys. We’re always ready to answer your questions. You can navigate this website and find all you need to know and if you don’t, feel free to write, call, visit, whatever; there’s always time for you. We just can’t wait to welcome you into the Britpops family!

P.S.: Well, if the question is: “Are you the best band?” you don’t need to do nothing – answer is below.


Any other questions?